Body Treatment


Anti Cellulite

Using efficient herb formula and techniques to achieve meridian, detox and reduce the fat, tone the body and re-shaping healthy concept.

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Diamond Peel / Thermic Wave

Stimulate cells below the skin surface with Thermic Wave.

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Bamboo Massage

Relieve your body from muscle pain and strain. Relax and be stress-free. Zen your mind keeping depressed feeling away.

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Hot Stone Massage

A natural remedy to common tight muscle and strain due to stress, injury, exercise or long hours at work-desk.

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Revolutionary personalized treatment with accurate 3D diagnosis that uses
multi-pronged strategy – Stimulate Skin, Burn Fat, Detox.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Powerful non-invasive manual technique to drain impurities

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Hair Removal-Brazilian Wax

No. 1 professional wax company in France, holding this prestige position for 30 years with proven results.

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Massage Oil Procedure

It is a light technique designed to stimulate circulation of lymph to speed up the removal of wastes from all over the body.

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Herbal Ball Massage

Indulge in herbal compress massage to alleviate pain, stiff joints and heal stress and fatigue body.

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