Thigh Contouring and Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Using efficient herb formula and techniques to achieve meridian, detox and reduce the fat, tone the body and re-shaping healthy concept. If you lack physical activity and affected by hormone changes, this treatment helps to ease the condition. Poor diet, slow metabolism and dehydration can be treated with anti-cellulite treatment.

Results & Benefits

  • Dredge meridian
  • Reduce cellulite and fat deposit
  • Activate fat burning mechanism under fat
  • Reduced odema and re-shape body


  • Steam Bath
  • L/D Detox Huasa ( Calf & Thigh) using Meridian Oil
  • Herbal Detox Slim Massage ( Thigh)
  • Detox Oil / Slimming Oil
  • Essence Gel + Wrap with Herbal Detox Slim Massage Cream
  • Firming Gel application