Confident Lashes with New Window to Your Soul

Get a rested and fresh new look. Leave it to the experts to style your fresh new lashes making your appearance brighter and youthful.

Proven Results

  • Increased self-esteem, confident with natural looking lashes
  • Protect your eyes, and avoid side effects caused by false eyelashes
  • Saving make over time, additional nap time by thirty minutes
  • Beautiful and elegant, so you are happier during outing and traveling
  • Results comparable to plastic surgery, cost and looks wise

How we do it

  • Determine the suitability of eyelashes shape and length
  • Analysis of the customer’s own eyelashes structure and endurance
  • Skilled in the eyelashes extension tool, maintenance methods and disinfection knowledge
  • Ability to distinguish the pros and cons of eyelash extension adhesives
  • Creatively design the eyelashes shape for customers