Non-Surgical Treatment to Lift, Firm and Tone Skin

Defy the law of gravity and illuminate your skin with our experts touch

Who it’s for

The age factor  causes the collagen and elastin in our skin to weaken, causing a decrease in skin’s density and resilience. Skin becomes less firm and less able to retain its shape. And thanks to gravity, that looser skin starts to sag. Unhealthy lifestyle, UV rays pollution add miles to the ageing skin.


  • Aroma Relaxing Back Massage
  • Anti-Stress Scalp Massage
  • Total Refreshing Massage
  • Double Cleanse with Whitening Milk & Wash
  • Radiant C-Exfoliating Scrub
  • Cold or Hot Steam
  • Light extraction + Eyebrow Trimming
  • Relaxing Shoulder Massage
  • Closure facial with toner, moisturiser and sunblock.

Skin type: All skin type except Acne skin, Sensitive skin

What can this treatment do for you?

Improve the health and clarity of skin, removing those unwanted. Just one treatment will leave your face feeling plump & soft, looking younger & more radiant.