Experience A Signature V Lift

We can just do the right waves, with absolutely no side effects or downtime to bring you the V Shape

Who it’s for

  • You sense a sign of ageing with droopy sidelines on both of your chin
  • Environmental damage such as sun burn and pollution shows unhealthy skin
  • Unhealthy way of weight loss with imbalanced skin tone and texture


  • Anti-Stress Scalp Massage
  • Double Cleanse with Whitening Milk & Wash
  • Skin Analysis
  • Deep Cleansing with EL Essence DC
  • Twin Roller + EL Essence SR & Revity Lotion
  • Relaxing Shoulder Massage
  • Triple Brightening Crystal Mask
  • Closure facial with toner, moisturizer and sunblock

Skin Type: Wrinkles, Mature Skin, Sagging Skin, Pigmentation & Dull Skin

 What can this treatment do for you?

Restore volume and natural youthful look without having to go through an expensive surgical procedure. Strengthen the facial muscle and look refreshed and rewind 30 years back for the new 20 look.

  • Intensive care for wrinkles such as crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, worry lines and sagging of neck effectively
  • Promote epidermal keratinocytes, enhance the skin’s natural immunity & activates cellular tissues
  • Dilute the pigmentation accumulate in the deep layer of the skin rapidly & whitening effect