Pure Collagen Series

See and Feel the Difference in 3 Days with the Power of Marine Collagen

  • Scientifically proven to supplement nutritional needs
  • Restoration of youthful skin
  • No artificial coloring, fragrance and Paraben



Product Description

Pure Collagen Toner (120ml)
Binds water to maintain the suppleness of the skin, promotes would healing and stimulates fibroblasts.
Improves skin vitality with moisture balance that keeps your skin smooth and readiant all day long
Imbued with an anti-wrinkle skin lifting formula

Pure Collagen Emulsion (120ml)
Provides excellent skin hydration and sebum balancing for healthier glowing skin
Restores skin moisture, recaptures the skin’s natural condition and stimulates fibroblasts
Contains antioxidants and anti-wrinkles properties to firm skin

Pure Collagen Essence (30ml)
Binds water to provide moisture and nutrition to help generate damages skin tissue
Instant skin lifting formula with elastic collagen
Protects the skin from waning and restores youthful skin

Pure Collagen Eye Cream (25ml)
Lifts and firms to maintain wrinkle-free contours
Reconstructs eyes, moisturises and smoothens skin
Contains antioxidants to sooth and strengthen the skin around the eyes, while hydrating and balancing moisture levels on the skin

Pure Collagen Lifting Cream (50ml)
Contains IUris Floretina Root Extract to prevent skin from aging
Includes Natto Gum to enhance skin moisture elasticity
Promotes visibly former, lifted and younger looking skin

Pure Collagen Enriched Cream (50ml)
Incorporates Bisaccharide Gum-1 that creates a moisture binding film on the skin
Provides superior skin firming effect and delivers deep hydration to solve skin dryness
Prevents deterioration of skin elasticity

ShieldExpert UV Protector SPF50 (30ml)
Conceals imperfections with rich nourishment and protective sun shield
Protected against the most harmful UV rays and aggressive heat
Infuses moisture to dehydrated skin, protecting against environmental stress