SuperHydra Facial

A multi-step treatment to cleanse, evenly exfoliates, extract to remove impurities and dead skin cells

  • Stimulation of the skin‘s own repair system, collagen and elastic production
  • Reduction of fine line and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity
  • Seal and lock moisture to the skin
  • Reduce skin pigmentation, eliminate spots and freckles



Product Description

Tailored professionally to safely address your specific skin concerns

This multi-layer treatment helps to rebuild the health of the skin and give everybody an immediate visible improvement by our trained HydraFacial professional.

Anti-stress Spa Oil
Make-up Remover
Whitening Milk & Wash
Radiant C Scrub
Hydra Serum / Brightening Serum
Derma Lift Face – 2/3 Hydra Serum / Brightening Serum
Cold Compress – 1/3 Serum
Face Silk Mask – Super Hydra Mask / Power Brightening Mask
Skin Care (Toner)
Sun Block