Award-winning Enriched Activ7 Gel

New era in cosmetic body-sculpturing technology with 7 most powerful ingredients

  • Targets broad spectrum of fat-related imperfections
  • Triggers accelerated and intensified fat combustion
  • Assures efficient deep-tissue lipolysis, bio-drainage & cellulite peeling
  • Tissue Reversion technology



Product Description

Active ingredients that keeps their promises
Award-winning Activ7 gel is enriched with the 7 most powerful active ingredients in deep-tissue lipolysis. It signifies a new era in cosmetic body-sculpturing technology. Via Liposomal Delivery, it targets broad spectrum of fat-related imperfections, triggering accelerated and intensified fat-combustion like never before. Assures efficient deep-tissue lipolysis, bio-drainage and cellulite peeling, the formulae also boast an HBA award-winning technology – Tissue Reversion, which inhibits synthesis of adipocytes (fat cells).

Massage in circular motions on needed areas like buttock, thigh and abdomen.
May experience warm sensation which will disappear with time.