Smiling pregnant woman relaxing after beauty spa treatments.

Other Treatments Offered at Slimming Sanctuary for Post-Natal

  • Stretch Marks Treatment
    Helps to lighten and smoothen stretch marks gradually with various treatment packages.
  •  Post-Natal Rejuvenation
    A soothing and safe post natal massage to alleviate muscle strain caused by labour and child birth.
  •  Post Natal Oxy Face Spa
    Helps to refresh, rebalance your skin and bring your skin back to to its natural radiance.
  •  Bust Lifting & Reshaping
    Helps to firm up breast tissue for firmer and lifted bust, naturally.

Slimming Down and Shaping Up

You must be proud of your bouncing little baby! We are just excited and would like to help you regain your figure and confidence!

At Slimming Sanctuary, we will help mothers lose the excess fat by using the latest technology combined with the therapeutic properties of ginger, ensuring that you lose fat and cellulite in the most effective and safe way.


Before any post-natal slimming program, body fat, medical history and delivery method will be analysed.

Step 1 : Full Body Ginger Scrub
A thorough body exfoliation with ginger and close scrub slough off dead cells that helps smoothen you skin and lighten stretch marks that appear during and post pregnancy. The therapeutic properties of ginger will warm your body, thereby accelerating your metabolic rate to burn off fats naturally.

Step 2: Electrolipolysis Body Slimming
Electrolipolysis treatment is used to effectively exercise and tone your muscles. This will increase your metabolism to further break down stubborn fats and cellulites; improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Step 3: Tummy Massage with Ginger Oil
A tummy massage using ginger oil will then be performed in order to help you expel wind and warm your body, it further improves blood circulation and burns off stubborn fats.

Step 4: Full Body Contour Firming Wrap
Finally, finish off with a body wrap to reshape and firm up your body